how to convert m4a to m4r on windows? (iphone ringtone)

here’s something I wrote on another site for making ringtones for your iphone:

using windows:

go to itunes and find the file you’d like as a ringtone. right click file > get info > options. find a part of the song you like, approx. 25-35 seconds or so and put in the time in: start time and end time. press ok and right click again > convert to AAC.

go to your music folder (it shuold be there) and find the itunes folder. Go to itunes music and you’ll have a file there. Rename the file from YOURFILENAME.m4a to YOURFILENAME.m4r. If it doesn’t work and a message doesn’t pop out saying that you’re changing the file extension, then:

Control panel > Appearance and themes > folder options > view > uncheck hide extensions for known types

rename file from: FILENAME.m4a to FILENAME.m4r

double click file and it should pop up in the ringtones section. sync your iphone and it should work.


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465 thoughts on “how to convert m4a to m4r on windows? (iphone ringtone)

    1. It worked perfectly! The fact that you show the extensions made the difference! Even had a picture of what to do! Thanks!

      1. Hi paul try checking the bits and bobs it says to do in controol pannel after press ok then try Renaming

  1. I did everything you said and it all worked except that it doesnt show up in my ringtones, it’s still in music. Even the file extension says m4r so I am not sure what to do. Any ideas?


    1. you must make sure you tick the ringtones section when you next synch your iphone. make sure you click on your iphone icon when synching to itunes and then clickk on ringtones tab. hopefully this wil work

      they will then appear in setting – sounds – ringtones – at the top of your ringtones list

      moo moo

      1. I did everything that was instructed and it’s still not working.. I don’t think the song is changing to m4r. Can someone please help me do this on windows?

      2. stevie, I found out how on yahoo answers, answered by ”sushi”
        -then go to settings
        -control panel
        -folder option
        -uncheck hide extensions
        -then just change whatever file you want to “myfile.m4r”

      3. When moo moo means “tick” the “ringtones” section he means “tick” the “tones” section when your iPhone is connected to iTunes! Hope that helps.

    1. Instead of finding the file, just drag the converted AAC song straight from your iTunes library onto your desktop, then rename the extension to ‘.m4r’. Go into your Ringtones library in iTunes then go to File > Add File To Library. Then find your file on your desktop and click open. If it is 30 seconds or less, it should be in your Ringtones library.
      Hope this helps🙂

      1. I can get the .m4r file to recognize the new stop time. so the file isn’t cropped to less than 30 seconds. any ideas? I have itunes and used the convert to AAC from Advanced. then options for selecting start/stop time. copied to desktop and added to ringtones using “add file to library”.

      2. I think I love you!! After weeks of hair pulling, screaming and just about throwing my Iphone out of the window, not to mention the swearing at Apple, I now have some decent ringtones on my phone.

        Thank you so much! You have saved me a fortune on counselling fees!

  2. Dear Kind Ma’am,

    I’ve got the m4r in my windows explorer folder, and in my Ringtones Library.

    great so far…

    It just wont Sync to the iPhone on 2.0.2…what gives?

    It doesn’t show up in the Ringtones tab under Snyc All Ringtones either.

    Any advice for a poor hack?


  3. i al ready follow all the steps, but when you say that i have to change m4a to m4r i cant make it, i enter in properties but it doesnt allow me to change, how can i make it?

  4. ko: I’m sorry I’m still using 1.1.2 so I don’t know.

    Control panel > Appearance and themes > folder options > view > uncheck hide extensions for known types

    then try again…

  5. i did convert the file to ACC but i can’t change the extention until i understand how to do it by going through the control panel

    GREAT information .. thank u

  6. it works but when syncing a new tone it overwrites the old tones. it shows the same tone listed numerous times. any thoughts?

    1. Same problem here the m4r file shows in i tunes library but i doesn’t sync with the i phone. this is happening with only format converted files. if i download m4r files from net then it works fine please share solution for this

  7. eveyrthing works fine i’ve done all the steps as described, but when i try to sync, it gives me an error saying that it couldn’t be sync because the file was not found. I play the rintune (20 sec.) perfectly from Itunes, so how come it doesn’t sync?😦
    im sorry, can soomeone help me? thank you

  8. Once you change to a m4r file you have to move it to “your ringtones” folder and double click on files so they will show up in your itunes “ringtones”. Once this is done you should see it on your phone when you sync!!

  9. Thank you, finally someone that has a complete detail for pc users. Yours was the first out of 20 others I looked at that finally had my missing solution for folder options.

  10. you rock!!! i was going to purchase ringtones from itunes, but at the last minute i saw this site. thank you. i saved some money :p

  11. VIOLA you are a*.the method you explained worked out fine for me after trying from other sources but failed numerous times.Happy new year entire crew.

  12. k folks – i changed the ext. and now it shows up in my itunes ringtones, also in my iphone ringtones but not my actual iphone. guess it did notsync with my iphone – says files is not found but is in my music itunes folder. can u please help? thanks

  13. Hello i tried to convert but i am not understanding it at all….Sorry can you please help me step by step thank you….I couldn’t find Appearance and themes

  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I couldn’t get the file extension to show up and went on the internet to find a way to fix it and came upon your site & directions. It was so helpful! Thank you!!

  15. You are a saint. Apple for some reason wants money for the music, the ringtones and almost anything else you can put on their iPod,iPhone, and iTouch lines. Thank you for making this so simple. I really appreciate it. You’re a saint!

  16. I did everything you said and it all worked except that it doesnt show up in my ringtones, it’s still in music. Even the file extension says m4r so I am not sure what to do. Any ideas?

    I had this same problem, but if you install an old version of iTunes on a different computer it WILL work!!!
    I tried unistalling and reinstalling old version and that wont work


    I was having so much trouble with the other sites because it would only instruct how to do this with Apple computers.. so this is great. Thakn you🙂

  18. i tried every step over and over again until i figured it out. It works and very well.
    There is also a torrent site that will tell you abt the same thing except putting the m4a file on ur desktop and then convert it to m4r, b4 putting it back in itunes. Dont do that cuz you will wanna delete it again from ur desktop and with the next sync of ur iphone you will loose the ringtone. go to ur itunes folder, standard on ur c drive music folder.

  19. OMG i have been sitting there for 3days trying to DL a program that converts it blah blah blah and i still didnt get one and then i tried this thinking it wasnt goin to work but IT DID!!!
    OMG thanks so much its awesome good thinking!!
    “two thumbs up!”

  20. Hey, everyone seems to be having success with this, I am so close…it’s on my itunes as a ringtone, and even when I go to sync my iphone I can see it there to be synced but it doesn’t get transferred accross to my phone – can’t find it under settings – ringtones…

    any ideas anyone?


  21. I usually don’t leave comments on any sites, but THANK YOU for explaining the hidden file extensions option! I got it to work perfectly. 🙂

  22. i convert it To acc version and then i show in windows but it doesn’t shwo the .m4a part all it shows is the name of the song….please help dieing here with out my ringtone…and tired of the standard tones please help ASAP

  23. You sir are the man. I have the most recent versions of i tunes and iphone software as of todays date and this worked fabulously….

  24. thank you for help.the advice about hiden extension was what i needed and couldn’t find anywhere else.cheers.

  25. hey ma’am thank u a lot i already done all the steps n moved 7 ringtones to my iphone but now when i did it again and double click the file from windows explorer after renaming it to the right extension it doesn’t go to ringtones in itunes,,,what’s is this problem n how can i solve it…..waitin for ur reply soon plz………..plz reply as soon as possible plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  26. I love you guys. This saved me money and a lot of converter downloads. I just want to thank you for your help. GREAT JOB!!!!!

  27. Thanks so much. i didn’t know about going to the control panel and unchecking the hide extensions. Couldnt see the m4a before. thanks again!

  28. thank you so much! i’ve been looking for a free software that could do this and found nothing. daaaang! cant believe that it is just this simple.. thanks again!🙂

  29. hi, everything has worked, but i cant get the ringtone into the ringtone folder!!??

    its definatley a ringtone file but ive tried dragging and dropping it but it wont work!?


  30. hey i went through all the steps but on my laptop when i go to the show in microsoft form i read the file it just sais the song name and thats it i right click and there is nothing that sais .m4r

  31. dude, you are awesome.. i have spent … oh.. 2 hours trying to figure out why i coudln’t get this to work and it was b/c of the control panel thing..

  32. i never usually comment on these but it worked perfectly and i am able to make ringtones very easily now, so thankyou =]

  33. Brill your a star, i was just about to give it up as a bad job..! I’m so glad someone knows what they are doing..!

    Thanks ever so much for sharing the know how..!

  34. Thank you! I was hung up on where to get the setting to be able to change the file extension, and was getting frustrated! Once I git that part, I was set!

  35. Hi, seem can’t do it. Ive done all the changing the extention. and when i double click the song, it was obviously couldn’t find the file as the ext has been changed. so i relocated it and double clicked it as you said but still not appearing at the ringtone folder. any word of advise pls?? Thanx a whole bunch!
    Email me if you could and have a spare time to waste. Thanks again. ^^

  36. NEVERMIND ^^ problem solved!🙂 just delete the file from itunes player but keep the file. Then go to the folder where the file is, open it with itunes and it’ll be in ringtone folder :)))))))
    You’re WICKEDD!!!!🙂

  37. Hi, I have the same issue as Alan #33 above. I was able to change extension and get it to play in the ringtone folder. When i tried to sync, got an error with “file not found”. Any advice pls?

  38. hey mate ,, was able to change the file to mr4 but they didnt move to the ringtone section in i-tunes , even tried rebooting computer no help ,, i do have th new 3GS i-phone any suggestions !!?? thanks for your help so far ,,

  39. I also use a a 3GS, ive changed the file name to m4r and it appears on my ringtones through itunes but when i put it onto my iphone it doesnt appear on the list of custom tones alongside the other preloaded tones..

    Any ideas how i can fix this??

  40. This was the most helpful page on making a ringtone from iTunes for the iPhone…no other webpage mentioned the fact that you may have to go to the Control Panel to uncheck hide file extensions because without doing that, I was unable to convert from .mp4 to .m4r, which was the crucial step.

    Thank you so much!

    1. I have the new 3GS and did not have a problem whatsoever… I did however, use an MP3 splitter that I had purchased previously to select the part of the track that I wanted. Then I converted to ACC, changed the extention, and played the song in iTunes (it automatically played from the ringtones section). When I synced, it was on my phone…

  41. I want to thank you. However, like a few others I have been able to create the ringtone and it shows up in ITunes under ringtones, yet when I sync it to my phone it goes to my music instead of appearing as a ring tone with the other preloaded ringtones. Is there a fix for this?


  42. Ok nevermind! I got it!! And for anyone else having this same problem the FIX IS SIMPLE!!! YOUR RINGTONE IS MORE THAN 40 SECONDS, AND IT CAN ONLY BE A MAX OF 40 SECONDS. After fixing the ringtone will go directly to your ringtones on your IPhone instead of to your music.

    And Thanks again for this info!!! You have made me an even happier IPhone owner!!!!

  43. Thank you sooooooo much!!!! It actually worked – I have been to countless sites and no one had offered that extra bit of info. Worked perfectly!

  44. mann omg your are legend
    you deserve an award i needed the part with ctr panel to show the extension
    i just thought my com was shit

  45. Wicked…. this was doing my head in as I knew it should’ve worked. Cheers mate. Pity Apple ship iTunes to the world and then half the features don’t work outside the USA

  46. Thank you thank you!! I had the same problem as many users of not being able to sync even after converting to m4r and it just sits in my ringtone itunes folder BUT not showing up on my custom ringtone file in the phone!

    HUGE thanks to Imelee too for suggesting that we delete the file from itunes and then double clicking on the ringtone file in your windows explorer folder. Make sure you play it with itunes and it WILL appear as a ringtone after you sync your phone again! THANKS soooo much!!

  47. For Windows VISTA users…u can have open any folder, eg. my documents, then go to Organise (beside View on the top left hand corner). Click on Organise -> Folder and Search Options -> View.
    Under the View tab, look for files and folder -> UNCHECK ‘Hide extensions for known file types’.

    You will then be able to convert m4a to m4r!! Good luck!!

  48. oka i changed the file to m4r but when i double click it to go to itunes it appears in my library but not my ringontes? please help!

  49. I did sync all ringtones to iphone and it can play perfect.
    it’s show in ringtones mode like you said but I can’t use it as
    ringtones so I can select or assing to contact but when I mande a call to my I phone from other phone line the ringtones it’s going back to standard not ringtones that I selected.Do you have any idea why?thanks a lot

  50. Oh my goodness, you are my new favorite person. I’ve been trying to figure out how to change my stupid extensions for the last week! Your instructions worked perfectly, thank you so much for posting this!

  51. FINALLY! my god have been trying to figure this out for days, not one website has helped because no one mentions the whole “if it doesn’t show the file extensions” thing!! wonderful, thank you!!!

  52. Sorry but i have changed the extension, the files are showing in my ringtones in iTunes but they dont sync across to my phone… and yes i have ticked the box haha, could this be something to do with using iTunes9?

  53. dear all..
    i did what i have to.. the file has been converted into ringtone.. but when i doubleclicked on it.. itunes opened but nothing appeared in the ringtone TAB..
    any help please..
    although i tried to synchronise but sure nothing appears since there’s no files in the ringtones TAB.
    thank you

  54. WOW, thankyou soo soo much ! I was trying to convert ringtones beforehand & it never worked until i read this site ! thanks so much =)

  55. you rock my sox thank youuuuuu very much I was getting very frustrated for no reason…damn Apple…(i was thinking in my head) lol

  56. Thank you so much, I have it locked and loaded in my ringtones, hit the sync button, get no errors, but it does not appear in my ringtone list on my iPhone.

    A few other people are having this problem I noticed and there has been no response with a solution. Can someone please help me and the others.


  57. Jackie, i’m one of those others you mention and i have never heard from anyone about how to fix this problem.

    Come on folks, help us out!!! lol

  58. I love who ever wrote thiz. ive bin trying to do my own ringtones for a long time and the only problem WAS that. thanks allot.

  59. I’ve completed all of the steps except for converting the m4a to m4r. Not sure how to correct this. Please help anyone!! Thanks.

  60. Dude! That’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing.
    I found a couple of other sites where people had posted the first half but the control panel bit…genius!

  61. OMG! You are 100% amazing!!!! It worked perfectly, and the instructions helped at the one spot I couldn’t figure out! Now I don’t have to give itunes $1.29 per ringtone!🙂

  62. Awww! Excelent! I knew the whole change extension step, but suddenly the .m4a stoped appearing in my windows explorer, good thing u showed me the control panel trick! Thank u very much! I have new ring tones now, yay!


  64. Thank you so much for posting this, i had been looking for ages fir a step by step guide.

    Followed everything to the letter and now have the ringtone I wanted.

  65. everything seems to be done correctly. however, during sync, i get a message stating that the filename could not be found. the file shows up in my ringtones folder and the song is checked off for sync, but not found. when i changed the file extention to .m4r, a box popped up saying, “if you change a filename extension, it may become unusable. are you sure you want to change it? Yes No”. I clicked yes. What am i doing wrong?

  66. ok, i finally got it to work using a different song. idk why it wouldn’t work for the song i wanted to use, but i did the same exact thing with a differen’t song and everything’s fine. Thanks a lot for your help! i’ve been having an iphone for over a year and never got a cool ringtone because i didn’t want to pay for it.

    1. Hey David,

      I have the same problem as you…I did the whole conversion process correctly, double clicked the AAC version, it opened up in iTunes, i can see it checked off in the ringtones tab but then when i click on Sync i keep getting an error msg saying “file not found”

      Do you or anyone here know why this may be happening? The compressed m4r file is only 30 seconds long. Ill try doing it for different song files but i dont see why or how this problem wont persist

  67. I always was able to see the .m4a but i can’t change it to .m4r it will let me click on it but not make any changes to it

  68. Works. If you have vista- you need to go into control panel and need to view it in “control panel home” and then it’s obvious // follow the directions =]

  69. Hay everyone, I have got the ringtones on my iPhone:-) One Q; I am only able to get the first 30secs of a track as a ringtone. Is there a secret to starting the ringtone halfway through a track and playing for 30secs? When i do this the finish time becomes the total time in the m4r file:-( PLEASE BE A TECH OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP!!!

  70. Hey, thanks so much for this. It worked fine on my pc but I can’t see the ringtone on my iphone. any ideas would be very welcomed and appreciated

    1. IVE FOUND HOW TO GET IT TO WORK!! The title of the ringtone in iTunes MUST NOT have any special characters in or spaces in… delete all the space/s in the title and sync again….. and its there….

      1. you are the best I was having the same problem and after I took all the spaces out of it IT WORKED!!! THANKS!🙂

  71. The ringtone appeared in my ringtones section in itunes after the conversion but when I synced my iphone the ringtone wasn’t there!!!!!

  72. Ive got the exact same problem as Lisa and many others…. my tone is only 0:29 seconds long so its well within the 40 second limit. i have the rington under ringtones on iTunes and it also appears on the ringtones tab when i sync my iPhone but i can never get it to sync to the iPhone… HELLPP!

  73. 😦 it didnt work at the end its on my itunes as a ringtone and i synced it and i tried 100 times and restarting my phone but it didnt work what can i do help plz

  74. Hi, I had problems synching the ringtones into my iphone initially even after I followed all the instructions. Then what I noticed was, the song/ringtone must not be more than 40 secs. It would not appear in your ringtone if it’s more than 40 secs. Hope that helps. So choose the best 40 secs part of the song… =)

  75. Damn, this was easy. You don’t know how many places I looked that were cumbersome. You need to be teaching somewhere; clear and concise!

  76. I followed all the steps, got it converted to .m4r and everything. But I cant get it into the ringtones library. Any help?? pleasse??

  77. Hi,

    I have the same problem of the ring tone not showing up inside my iphone even after sync. I am using iTunes 9 and Win7.

    I found that initially my iTune9 do not have the Ringtones Tab under the Library, at the top left of the iTunes interface.

    But After closing and re-opening iTunes the Ringtones tab was added. What I did was to delete away what ever ringtones inside the Ringtones, then add the ringtones in again.

    Click on iPhone under DEVICES, choose ringtones tab, then Click Apply (or Sync)

    This time round the ringtone was there.

    Hope it helps. Pardon my English ..

  78. Thanks so far amazingly good one hic up though . . . got it as a ringtone on itunes but when i sync doesn’t show up on my 3gs iphone using itunes

    Heellllpppp Thank you

  79. i have changed file extention and and unchecked hidden info, the song shows up in the folder. it does not show up in ringtones and i have double clicked i also dragged to desktop and that did not work either. please help i was able to before i got windows 7 and since then the app has to be purchased i purchased and still cant get ringtones to work again.

    1. If the ringtone is more than 30 seconds then it you won’t be able to put it in your Ringtones library.
      Otherwise, I’m not sure how to help, sorry.

  80. now i followed all the steps but when i go into Appearance and themes i cant find the folder options…?

    any help?

  81. when i try to change to m4r

    it wont let me…ive tried going to Control panel > but i have a gateway netbook…and there is no appearances and themes option…


  82. PLEASE help!!!!!

    I have Vista and cant find Appearances and Themes on the control panel.

    Please lead me there…. This is driving me BATTY :o(

  83. Hey sarah, i had same problem, follow the steps below to fix it.

    Control panel > folder options > view tab > uncheck “hide extensions for known file types”

    extension will now show in title of song/file


    followed all the steps as above, created ringtone sinq iphone but the ringtone doesnt shop up on my phone? anyone else had this problem? im wondering if i have to do anything different because its a iphone 4g?


  85. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thankssssssssssssssssssssssssss alot man you are the best .cause long long time i searched for some thing like this

  86. you rock! thank you so much for helping with this! i couldn’t find the extensions to change the file and now i know how to do it! …”and knowing is half the battle.” THANKS

  87. Control panel > folder options > view tab > uncheck “hide extensions for known file types” that helps allot
    thank you.

  88. Everywhere else was missing that IMPORTANT information about the “CONTROL PANEL” setting. A couple of hours wasted until I found your post/page.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. dude you are genius others explain but didnt explain how to convert from ma4tom4r you are the best and your explaination is striaght forward

  90. Followed everything u said, shows up in my ringtones folder on phone in itues however on phone it has nothing. I think on iphone 4 they have found a way to block this method of putting ringtones on phone. Anyone found a solution to this or has anyone got m4r files to work on iphone 4

  91. thank u soooooooooo much……i hated the inbuilt iphone ring tones…….now can put my fav tunes as my ring tone

  92. I can’t get the 30 second ringtone to show up in my phone 4. Everything else works – file was converted, shows up in Ringtones list in iTunes, Sync Ringtones is checked off.

    Anyone got a solution for this??

  93. I have a iphone 8gb
    tried the above and nothing recognised on my iphone

    question is this the correct file extention , should it have a dot after the E and a dot after the r


    can you help thanks

  94. steps were great, they just wont show up on my sounds,?? and then tried to sync n deleted all my music heeelellppp :L

  95. I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t change my file from M4a to M4r until I came to this website. Thank you very much. I mean that. Good day to you:)

  96. this did help in the end but for a vista user like myself you have to go on folder options not themes and appearances but thanks anyways😀

  97. Has anyone had any luck with the Iphone 4??? I have followed all of the steps and can get the ringtone into my itunes, but it will not transfer over to the iphone… Is it blocked for Iphone 4???

  98. Had trouble getting my iphone 3gs to recognize the ringtone. It would show up in itunes as a ringtone, but wouln’t sync it. Tried it again, shortened to 25 seconds instead of 30. It worked. Hope this helps.

  99. omgggg!!!

    you just saved my life… i nearly broke my monitor trying to convert this sh**. thank u very much.. id buy u a coffee but i havent got any funds on paypal ahahha
    next time😛
    thanks alot

  100. This worked great except I used my PC to install my ringtone and my phones music library was synced with my laptop,so now I have a cool new espn ringtone but it erased all my music.

  101. wow thanks a lot I can now create my own ringtone, but I have a problem I am using itunes version 10, the ringtone I created already in the ringtone file but it will not sync into my Iphone ringtone file?

  102. hi, iv done all that and its in my ringtones folder now iv synced my iphone i just dont know how u now set it as my ringtone??

  103. I have followed the procedure and the file is still in my music on i tunes, I am using the latest version of Windows so now, what do I do??

  104. It’s not working for me.:\ What do I do? Please help me I want to do this for my Mum for a surprise pleaaaaase help me!

  105. HI

  106. Guys worked perfectly for me after following 1st post.

    Control pannel > foldr option > uncheck hide extensions for known types
    rename file from: FILENAME.m4a to FILENAME.m4r
    thumbs up ! for the topic

  107. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!🙂
    After going thru HELLA sites, yours was the only one that explained it thoroughly. You’re awesome.😀

  108. THIS DOESN’T WORK FOR ME! D: I use “dvdvideosoft” to download songs from youtube, and they don’t change when I write .m4r. behind (they dont have .m4a. behind before eighter)

  109. been sat here for 4 hours trying to get ringtone on my iphone 4 ,i did all of it accept it wouldnt sync the ringtone to my fone but after perservering for 2 hours i finaly sorted it …… have to go to your devices click on ringtones and then sync all ringtones ……and hey presto its done🙂

  110. way hey…. Went through all of the steps above and couldn’t get it from my itunes to my iphone….shortened the track to 25 seconds and now works like a treat. If next in Oxford will buy ya a beer..!

  111. Help Help please I am going round in circles. I have followed your wonderful instructions however my ringtones are not moving to the ringtone folder when I sync my iphone. All file extensions have been renamed m4r. The converted ringtones are in both my iTunes Music folder on my windows PC and iPhone but not in my Ringtone folder. When I synced up I made sure I ticked All Ringtones. Still nothing. I realise these sorts of things are down to the user. What haven’t I done correctly?

    1. Hello Nahi – Thank you for replying to my cry for help, however I have followed the instructions to the letter from August 2008 as suggested and when I go into my iTones folder on my PC and double click as suggested it plays but DOES NOT pop into my folder for ringtones on either the iTunes or iPhone. The file extension thingy was unticked in my control panel and when I right click on the music file info it has converted to m4r and does show that it is a ringtone. I am now sat here wearing a crash helmet to stop me from tearing my hair out!!! Is there any other suggestions you could advise me on PRETTY PLEASE?

  112. YAY… i tried a few other sites but i couldnt find out how to convert from m4a to m4r… this was the only site that showed you how to go thru the control panel and uncheck hide extensions for known types…

    now when work calls the IMPERIAL MARCH will surely spell doom!

  113. True genius. Thanks so much. Yours was the only tutorial that explained the “uncheck hide extensions” step that kept tripping me up. Few issues syncing with iPhone but that’s a whole other problem. At least now I have the ringtone in the ringtones folder. Thanks again for saving my sanity🙂.

  114. like a few of you i was having trouble getting the converted .m4r file back into my library. I finally gave up on the double clicking method, went into itunes itself and clicked file, add file to library and selected the right file. I then found it in itunes. Sometimes it would come up with the ! button next to it when i tried to play it saying it couldnt locate the file so i clicked on the locate it button and searched for it manually again. I then synced my phone and it worked.

    The other trouble i had was that it would come up under my device in the ringtone section but not in my actual phone. I solved this by downloading another version of the song without any special characters (another trick someone suggested) and it worked when i synced it again.

    Hope this helps someone!

    1. Claire, Thank you so much. that was the only problem i was having. you did help someone and we all know how happy we get when we try and try and then boom it works! so thanks!!!!!!!

      RE ” went into itunes itself and clicked file, add file to library and selected the right file”

  115. How do I change the extension from m4a to m4r ?? When i right click on the “30 second song in itunes and click show in Windows, the song dosent end with m4a to start with so even if I add (.m4r) it dosent change it to m4r , it still plays as a regular 30 second song. I dont know if I’m making any sense, but can someone help me please????

    1. You have to go into your control panel to unhide the file extension, visible on all files *on your computer* – that’s where you change the name, like Mack says above. Certainly worked for me – Mack’s a genius, thank you!❤

  116. Great Job and Thank you! I was stuck on where to get the setting to be able to change the file extension, and was getting frustrated!

    Now everything goes fine and set.

  117. tnx for ur help but i dont know hot to sync that ringtone into ny iphone🙂 . but got that ringtone in my itunes ringtone

    1. I had that problem also…the ringtone is is your iTunes Library you have to drag and drop it into your ringtones under your iPhone catagory (mid page–under your iTunes libray) as soon as I did that it synced no problem!

  118. Seriously, thank you. I have been struggling to change the file names for a while, and no one has posted any worthwhile tutes. This was so simple. Good job.

  119. It worked till the point where I see it popping open in the Ringtone list on iTunes in my laptop. I am syncing it but I dont see it appearing in the Standard (only category I can see in the ringtone )list while I access the Ringtones in Settings on my Iphone.

  120. FYI, I was also having trouble getting it into my device ringtones. It worked after I took out all spaces from the file name of the song.

  121. hi ive used this method a hundred times and its worked fine but now i have a new dell laptop with windows 7 and it will not convert the file to m4r i do what ive always done type m4r at the end of the name but this tyme the warning dosent pop up and when you go to properties it says songname .m4r.m4a why is it doing this cause it then doesnot show up in ringtones section

  122. Hi thanks to your advice I have now ringtone on iTunes ringtones library, but cant get that ringtone to device ringtones library..

    any idea what im doing wrong??

  123. Thank you Very, very much, it worked GREAT!!!!!!!!! It was simple to understand, some other post were so convoluted I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but this one, all I can say is good job.

  124. Thank you very much for your great explanation on how to change m4a to m4r through the control panel. You saved me a lot of grief trying to solve this ringtone situation! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  125. Ive got the file converted (pretty sure at least.. in my window’s explorer it says it’s an m4r file) but when i double-clicked on the file, it opened up in iTunes in the main music folder.. and it won’t let me drag the file into Ringtones…is it because my iPhone is plugged into the computer while I’m doing it? OR is that irrelevant?

    There’s nothing in my iTunes Ringtones Folder.:\ how can I fix this!?

  126. None of this is working for me.
    i change the times and it just automatically changes it to another time (3 seconds long) every time.
    ahh please help.

  127. Thanks so much! Tried using other websites but none of them gave as thorough directions as your page!
    Perfect instructions!
    Thank you so much!

  128. You rock! Tried all sorts of other sites but they proved fruitless. Your instructions were clear and fantastic. Had trouble with my file until I made it 25 secs. Fantastic. Thanks for your help, enjoy your coffee!

  129. Thank you!
    Two hours of trolling around Microsoft’s site and nothing.
    You fix it in 10 seconds.
    Microsoft bad. Google good.

  130. I’ve followed all the steps except when I try to rename the file, the m4a doesn’t appear so I don’t have the option to “m4r” it.. What is to be done

  131. Hello! I tried this and I am almost there. I am just having a problem when i sync it to my iphone, it does not appear on ringtones😦 Can somebody please help? Thanks so much.

  132. Once you have the .m4r file and its not showing under tones. This means you have not enabled sync for tones.
    Click on your iphone under Devices >> Tones >> Check “Sync Tones”

    iOS5.1 has disabled manual syncing of tones etc. All this is rumors. All it needs little time and research.

  133. In iTunes under library it doesn’t say ringtones. Only music movies tv n apps… How do I get a ringtone file???

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  135. I have no clue, I can see how to rename the file, but I am using windows 8 and it doesn’t even show the m4a just says the title of the song!!..

  136. got the file i want converted to acc, duration down to 20 secs, and it’s showing up in my itunes on my pc under ringtones, however its not appearing on my phone at all, just the same stock ringtones. any help?

  137. Ok, so I know you made the post like 5 years ago, but THANKYOU soooo much for telling the part about going into Control Panel to uncheck “hide known extensions”. That was just what I needed! I’m Windows 7 Home Premium and I couldn’t figure out how to change the extension like the other people’s instructions for making an itunes ringtone were telling me to do. Thanks again. p.s. I bought you a cup of coffee!

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  139. I’ve managed to follow all the instructions for converting my ringtone from m4a to m4r, but i’m unable to move the ringtone to the “TONES” section on the iPhone. It’s instead in the music section of the iPhone. I’m unable to drag & drop from the music section to the “tones” section……………I’m sure it would work if I could just get it moved to the proper area………….any suggestions?

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  141. most useful ever, fully detailed and great
    got me many ringtones that are just impossible otherwiase. apple would never tell you anything like this. its too straight forward and useful lol

  142. Holy Sweet Mary – it worked!!! I’ve been trying to make my iPhone use my old ringtones and failing miserably along with a lot of cursing… then I found this blog and WHAMMO it worked. Bless you.


  143. i did everything but still it just appeared on tones (iTunes) but not in my iphone ringtone even ive already sync for hundred times…. pls help me!

  144. yeah that might work..but i have another trick too no need to change in control panel..just use winrar application..just click and rename it..good luck :3

  145. Thank you so much for this i have been trying to do this and had that box checked off and didn’t even know it this help me so much i am so happy right now.!!😀

  146. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it abeebcckdeda

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